E-book update

If you think making a book is easy, I can assure you it isn’t.
It took me a year to prepare the book and I thought it would be easy to turn the book into an e-book.
I’ve been working on the e-book for over a week and have been encountering all sorts of problems.
To start with, I had to add hyperlinks to the Table of Contents, which would lead to each recipe. Although I read several tutorials there was something missing which I could not figure out. After making tests and combinations, day after day, I finally managed to make it work.
Another problem I encountered was that when creating the pdf the chapter separations would break. I fixed it and when creating a new pdf another section broke. I fixed the second and something else went wrong. I was so frustrated yesterday that the idea of giving up passed from my mind.

However, I am really stubborn, so all I need to do now is start the book over again from scratch!!!!!

The hard cover book which is sold on Amazon.com and Createspace, is doing really well and thank you all for buying it.

I shall keep you posted about the e-book.