Mezedes (Appetizers)

What are mezedes?

Mezes, plural mezedes, are small appetizer plates which should not be considered just as starters, as Cypriot mezedes are more than that.  Mezedes are a meal on its own, where people gather to eat and enjoy some drinks.  Mezedes include a large selection of both appetizers and main dishes which are served in small helpings.

Skordalia -   Tashi -   Taramosalata Hoummous

Louvanosalata  -   Moungra -    Talatouri -   Elies Tsakistes

Zalatina -   Kalambokeftedes Pantzaria XydataHtapodi Ladorigani

Fetes Psomi me Ladi TyropitakiaManitaria me Avga – Spanaki me Avga -


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